Monday, March 15, 2010


I've never been a supporter of Anthropogenic Global Warming theory.  I'm quite a history buff, and, as such, I have noticed weather trends throughout history.  Things like the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age indicated, at least to me, that our climate has always been changing and will continue to do so.  There are a lot of people who now agree with me, so I'm happy that people are no longer giving me the stink eye quite as often when I voice my views on the subject.

There are a few holdouts, however, who refuse to acknowledge that the AGW scam has been shown up for what it is.  The first group of holdouts is our federal government.  Don't expect them to change their tune anytime soon.  For an administration that has talked about science taking a front seat again after the depravities of the evil Bush, they sure aren't interested in the science that is currently debunking AGW.  Not even the stuff coming from Phil Jones, the erstwhile head of the UK's Climatic Research Unit.  Their reason for ignoring the facts is simple, really - money and power.  Their cap and trade plans mean big money and absolute control over the energy sector, and, as we are learning with the health care 'debate', they are tenacious when they have their sights set on something.  Silly things like public opinion and facts won't deter them from their goals.

The other group is the Hollywood crowd.  They have spent years jetting around the world promoting neutral carbon footprints.  The truly dedicated ones, like Leonardo Di Caprio, have tried to live in accordance with their views, and I applaud them for that, even though I might not agree with them.  Unfortunately, they are few and far between - most of them live in their multi-million dollar, high carbon footprint mansions with their fleet of gas guzzling SUV's and definitely un-eco-friendly private jets.  For many of these people, the extent of their support for the green movement is smiling for a picture on the red carpet of a glitzy corporate financed fundraiser before snagging their swag bag worth thousands of dollars and hightailing it out of there to jet down to Mexico for some margaritas.

Some of those elite hypocrites might just be giving up the AGW ghost, however, once the newest study comes to their attention.  According to London's Mirror, cocaine use is now a major contributor to global warming:

Group chairman Keith Vaz said: "We were horrified to learn for every few lines of cocaine snorted in a London club, four square metres of rainforest is destroyed."


Whatever will all of the table-top dancing, club hopping, Chateau Marmont partygoers do?  What a dilemma! 

On a positive note, this might be a great development for Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab.  It's not just about being clean anymore - it's about being clean and green!  Talk about motivation!  

AGW - saving lives one acre at a time.

UPDATE:  Why am I not surprised? 



Just Me in T March 16, 2010 at 5:34 AM  

Today we learn that Lord Christopher Monckton has once again come forward to warn the United States of America – and the entire world we expect, that the United Nations will try again to get their ‘treaty’ passed in Bonn, Germany. The video of Lord Monckton speaking is found at the Cfact link.
(click here)

Ripley March 17, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

Thanks for the heads up on that one! Thank God for Lord Monckton....

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