Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The passing of Obamacare has been a real disappointment, but, unfortunately, not unexpected.  Especially disappointing is Bart Stupak's deal with the devil for a non-binding, waste of paper executive order and nearly $800,000 in taxpayer dollars for local airports.  There's no need to go into detail about it, though.  Hopefully his conservative district will make sure he is no longer a policy maker come November.

I have been wanting to blog on the health care situation, but have had family illnesses to take care of, ironically enough.  It's a bit late in the week to give a rundown of the health care bill, though, as it's been played out in the press ad nauseum.  Besides, now that it's passed we're finally going to be allowed to read it, so there is sure to be plenty of new stuff to talk about.  But, with all of the talk about repealing the law, it's time to figure out what we the people can do to fight against the tyranny imposed upon us by "the most powerful woman in 100 years" and her corporate cronies. 

Which brings me to what else we can do to combat the european socialization of this country against our will.  One of the reasons the democrats are so powerful is that they have the unions and most major corporations in their pockets, no matter how much they protest that it is the republicans in bed with corporate America.  The unions are with them because of shared ideology, but the corporations are working with them out of greed and self-preservation. 

Big Pharma is in bed with the administration because, in exchange for $80 billion in 'consessions' (lower drug costs), they will rake in hundreds of billions in perks.  The twelve year moratorium on imported drugs alone is highly lucrative.  Let's not forget, too, that there will be millions of new customers in the system and  no price controls.  The insurance industry has bought into the plan as well - after all, that means millions more customers for them, too.

In short, their greed is their destruction.  They have cut a deal for short-term gains, with nary a thought to the control they have handed over.  This is soft nationalization.  On the face of it, it seems like the industries are in control, but in reality, the government calls the shots.  Eventually it will evolve into hard control, but progressives are all about baby steps.  It enables them to call something "ridiculous" because it is still 10 steps away.   But a decade or two later, there we are. 

Since their greed impels them, it is their greed that we must tap into.  We the People have no lobby, so we must use our wallets in other ways.  It's difficult to boycott health industries, because it's often impossible to forgo or substitute the care we need, but there is still a way.

Wall Street.  Sell all Big Pharma and insurance stocks and buy into other sectors.  After the passage and signing of the bill, health industry stocks had nice little rallies - their gamble is paying off already, and it
is tempting to want to take a piece of that.  It's important to remember that they will be rewarded for their manipulations if people buy their stocks and drive the price up.  Instead, we need to sell their stock and drive the price down.  There are some who have even taken the step to remove all holdings related to the Obama administration as a whole.  IRA's, 401(k)'s, any stocks that support groups supporting Obama, Pelosi and the agenda need to lose their shareholders and thus the price of their stock.

There are still ways to fight this agenda.  We still have power, and we don't have to wait until November to use it.

We're winning other battles by going around the left - this is just one more front.  We're winning the media battle by using the internet, and in Texas we're winning the propaganda battle being waged against our children through their textbooks.  As Rosie says,

If money is the only language they understand, then we will talk in money.  Not just the health care industry - let's not forget that they are taking up Cap and Trade soon, just as soon as they rebrand and repackage it.  We can get a twofer on that one - GE is heavily leveraged in green technology and the administration.  That includes GE, NBC Universal and RCA.  Any company that lobbies for an administration bill should be held accountable by the stockholders.  Dropping share prices speak far more clearly to them than protest signs held across the street behind police barriers.  As a health care activist so aptly put it at a $10,000 a seat fundraising dinner last year for Sen. Max Baucus, who was putting together his health care bill (via the Washington Post):

"Money gets you in the door. The only thing the other side can do is march around and protest outside."

Protesting was a potent weapon in the left's arsenal because they received positive coverage from the media.  Tea parties get paltry coverage, and what there is of it is generally negative and diminishing in nature.  Not that we shouldn't keep protesting - no matter how much they spin it, pictures don't lie.

We need to realize that we have more than one arrow in our quiver, and it's time to start letting them fly.



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