Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There is a new term for Rep. Louise Slaughter's unconstitutional solution to the democrat's health care dilemma.  Pelosi called it a "deem and pass" rule.  When you say that quickly, it sounds like "demon pass" - which is quite fitting, really, and seems to be sticking.   What more perfect name for a bill straight from the depths of Hell that has been served up by the queen succubus herself?  For those who don't know what a succubus is, it is a demon who takes female form to fornicate with men.  The only difference with my reference is that it will be the entire US population that will be getting screwed, not just the men.

Demon pass is in the process of being covered up, too - it's that distasteful.  Democrats are out on the talk circuit saying there will be a vote for health care, and whatever the public may have heard otherwise is sheer propaganda on the part of Fox News, Glenn Beck, and other lying right-wing radical propagandists. 

Their arguments just don't pass the sunshine test, though.  Speaking of sunshine, did you know that it's "Sunshine Week" on Capitol Hill?   It really is starting to feel more and more like we have all been unceremoniously dumped right in the middle of the Bizzarro world, doesn't it?  Nothing makes sense anymore, and the irony is so thick right now that I'm surprised there hasn't been a magnetic pole shift.

"During Sunshine Week, which focuses on the importance of open government and freedom of information, Congress is taking action to make the government more accountable, transparent and responsive to the American people," reads a fact sheet distributed to House Dems' offices, and which was provided to Hotline OnCall by an incredulous Dem aide.
"The public's right to know what its government is doing is fundamental to a thriving democracy and critical to empowering the American people to play an active role in their government, and to giving them access to information that makes their lives better and their communities stronger," the document reads.
The glaring hypocricy of this statement is staggering.  House democrats are in the process of passing a bill that no one has read by the entirely inappropriate means of attaching it to yet another bill that no one has been allowed to read (and don't forget the other bill included in the mess for good measure) and 'deeming' it passed instead of actually voting to pass it.  The only vote will be for approval of the rule that allows this travesty to occur.  The bill is chock full of smoke and mirrors, and the people out touting the bill are shamelessly lying through their teeth and being caught at it on a regular basis.   The bill itself is a deception of monumental proportions, from it's cost to it's effect on the American people, economy and health care system

This ridiculous attempt at touting transparency isn't really unexpected, though, if you think about Pelosi's modus operandi.  You can pretty much assume that anything out of her mouth is the exact opposite of reality, so her campaign to appear to support 'sunshine' and 'transparency' really means we should brace ourselves for more deception, substerfuge and shady dealings.  Apparently the democrats think that we are still believing whatever they say, no matter how insane it may be.

When, exactly, does this all go from bad behavior to tyranny?  In my personal opinion, the line is getting pretty blurry. 

Methinks the public will be doing a little 'demon pass' themselves.  Come November, they will 'deem' this administration an abomination and will 'pass' on reelecting them.



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