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Friday, November 27, 2009


For over a decade now, the Anthropogenic Global Warming proponents have been saying the science is settled and the consensus is in their favor.  Skeptics have been marginalized, ridiculed and mocked.  Our children are being indoctrinated into the cult of global warming with or without our consent (although sometimes their plans fail), and their level of anxiety about the apocalyptic scenarios AGW alarmists are force feeding them has reached epidemic proportions.

The ClimateGate scandal (or WarmerGate, as Mark Steyn calls it) is a scam of global proportions.  Trillions of taxpayer dollars are at stake, as well as the sovreignty of our country.

The Copenhagen summit is not just about addressing climate change.  It is about setting up a global government, to which all participating countries would bow.  This would not just give the UN governing body jurisdiction over each nation's climate regulations, but also their financial, economic and tax regulations.  Our laws would be second to the global government, who could override them at their discretion.  And who would be electing this global government?  Not we the people, that's for sure.  Most likely UN diplomats would choose amongst themselves.  How would we get rid of questionable appointees?  Good question.  It seems like we'd just have to grin and bear it, much like we do with the idiots currently in the UN.

The plans proposed in the Copenhagen treaty will have a profound impact on our and our children's lives.  Taxes will skyrocket, the revenues of which will go to the UN council in charge of climate to disperse at their own discretion.  This is redistribution of wealth on a global scale

Based on a science that is, at best, compromised - at worst, a complete fraud.

The scientists responsible for the fraud should be jailed.  This scheme makes Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme look like small potatoes. 

Supporters of AGW say that the science is still sound; that the misconduct of a few scientists doesn't negate the whole field.  The problem is, the collusion isn't limited to just the CRU.  The emails show scientists from Penn State, Amherst, the University of Arizona and the U.S.'s National  Center for Atmospheric Research, to name a few, were in on the scam and were actively changing data to support their theories. 

AGW supporters will then point to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - the gold standard of AGW rhetoric.  The problem is, they got almost all of their information from East Anglia's
CRU.  Scientists who did independent study are also suspect, simply because they got their initial baseline data from CRU - data that the emails prove is fatally flawed. 

The original, untampered data has been deleted, so starting from scratch is going to be difficult, at best.

The neo-pravda media in the US is making excuses, of course, and trying to make the hacking the big scandal, not the material that has been hacked - when they are bothering to cover the story at all, that is.

We must rise up and demand answers.  Sen. Inhofe R-OK is demanding a hearing into the scandal, and has even taken the step to notify implicated parties that there will be no information deleting until the hearings end.

This issue is of vital importance to families around the world.  We must demand answers, transparency and a halt to any and all proposed legislation until the situation has been sorted out. 

Our children's futures depend on it.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I look upon Thanksgiving as one of the ultimate 'Mom Holidays".  It is a day for our matriarchs to gather their families together and stuff them to the gills, showing their love in the most basic of ways - through food.  It is a decadent holiday, full of rich comfort foods almost to the point of obscenity.  It is a purely American tradition - other countries may have Thanksgivings, but none do it like we do.  And who do we have to thank for this wonderful, satisfying tradition becoming what it is today?  American moms.

The bountiful gifts this great country showers on us are taken by our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts and fashioned into a feast that nourishes our bodies and soothes our souls.  The trials and tribulations of the past year are washed away in a deluge of turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.  Our bellies are filled, our minds are at rest, and it is all due to the magical women in our lives and the love they so lavishly put into every dish. 

Today we give thanks for the many blessings God has rained down upon us.  So while we are busy thanking Him for our great country, our troops who keep us free, the bounties on our tables and all the many other blessings in our lives, let's take a moment to thank the women who made it all possible.  Not just the ones who physically created the feast we are enjoying today, but those who came before us, who kept the tradition alive. 

Through wars, depressions, recessions and civil upheaval, the matriarchs have kept us going with their love, support and comfort food.  We are not just re-enacting what the Pilgrims did, we are celebrating the heart and soul of this country - the American family. Not just those we were born to, but those we invited in.  And presiding over it all are our matriarchs, infusing the day with the love only a mother could provide.

God bless them, God bless us all, and God bless America.

Let the feasting begin!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Revolutionary Women; A Brief History

"I'm just a mom."  "I'm just a woman."  "I'm just one person".  The list goes on, doesn't it?  After all, what can we, as American women, loving wives and under-appreciated moms, do that will make a difference?

Well, I stumbled across this article and thought... huh; revolutionary women isn't something new after all.  I hope you find this write-up as inspiring as I did.

American Athenas
Women in the Revolution
by Tina Ann Nguyen

"Actuated by the most glorious cause that mankind ever fought in, I am to defend this post to the very last extremity."1 The words of an American soldier during the American Revolution. However, this soldier was different from all the other soldiers. This soldier's name was Margaret Corbin, who survived the British attack on Fort Washington. Most importantly, she was a female participant in a war where the chief fighters were men.

Most history textbooks overlook women's roles in the American Revolution. Little is covered on women's contribution to the America's independence. The truth is, women were fiercely active in the independence cause and made gains for themselves.

Women's roles were limited in the colonial times. Marriage and motherhood were the primary goals for women. They lost property and legal rights upon marriage.2 Therefore, women were not expected to participate in the war.

Despite their low positions in society, women did participate. On the home front, they sewed uniforms and knitted stockings for the soldiers. With their husbands away fighting, some women had to take over as weavers, carpenters, blacksmiths, or shipbuilders. Others transformed their homes into hospitals for the wounded. One famous caretaker was Margaret Hill Morris. Because she demonstrated great expertise in medicine and herbal remedies, the sick depended on her. Every morning she made rounds to sick or wounded soldiers lodged in area homes.3

Like their male counterparts, women held protests against British goods. The Edenton Tea Party is one example. On one October day in 1774, fifty-one women signed Penelope Baker's declaration to ban English imports. They renounced drinking British tea and wearing clothes made of British cloth. However, unlike the Boston Tea Party, the signers did not attempt to hide their identities, and boldly signed their true names.4

Paul Revere was not the only one who announced the British's arrival. Sybil Ludington rode through Connecticut on a chilly April night and yelled that the British were burning Danbury and warned soldiers to prepare for a raid. Thanks to her daring actions, the British were halted at Ridgefield, Connecticut on April 27, 1777 and were forced to retreat to Long Island Sound5

Both men and women fought on the battlefield. Hundreds of women served as nurses, laundresses, cooks and companions to the male soldiers in the Continental Army.6 In addition, there were some that actually engaged in battle. Seeing "no reason to believe that any consideration foreign to the purest patriotism,"7 Deborah Sampson put on men's clothing and called herself Robert Shirtliffe in order to enlist in the Army. "Robert Shirtliffe" fought courageously; "his" company defeated marauding Indians north of Ticonderoga.8 There is also the valiancy of the water carrier Mary Hays, otherwise known as Molly Pitcher, who took up arms after her husband fell.9 As a six-foot tall woman, Nancy Hart was considered an Amazon Warrior. Living in the Georgia frontier, this "War Woman" aimed and, with deadly accuracy, shot British soldiers who invaded the area.10 Mentioned in the beginning of this essay was Margaret Corbin, another woman on the battlefield.

There were many American spies during the war, but the most remarkable one was Lydia Darragh of Philadelphia, a Quaker. Tricking the British soldiers conferencing in her home into believing that she was asleep, Friend Lydia learned that they were going to surprise Washington's army at Whitemarsh. Shocked, she proceeded the next day to Frankford pretending to fill her flour sack at a flourmill there. After clearing the British outposts, she ran into the American army and revealed the British's strategy. With this vital information, the Continental Army was able to thwart the British's plans.11

In the end, the Americans won the American Revolution and independence from the British. In the spirit of the Revolution, women also gained some independence from their confining roles because of their efforts in the war. Greater numbers of young girls were allowed to go to school. More women held jobs, campaigned against slavery, improved prisons and poorhouses conditions, and advocated women's rights.12 Abigail Adams, a fervent advocate of women's rights, wrote to her husband John Adams at the Continental Congress that "If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies, we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice or Representation."13

In conclusion, women contributed a great deal to the American Revolution. Their actions on the home front and on the battlefields relieved the men from the extra planning, mobilizing, and combating that they would have had to execute without the help of the women. This allowed the Continental Army to fully concentrate on defeating the British and acquiring sovereignty. America could not have been the powerful independent nation it is today without the service of the women.


Why I'm Here

For me, the red flags went up and the warning bells began long before the 2008 election.

There have been those basic principles (some learned the hard way) that served as a foundation for me; God, family and country.  I always knew that defending the faith would be a constant battle.  I knew that defending my family would become increasingly more difficult as the attacks against marriage and family escalated.

But my country?  America was strong.  America was safe.  I didn't have to worry about defending the America I knew and loved.  At least that is how I felt on September 10th, 2001.

9/11 was just the beginning, however.  9/11 began a domino effect... and I watched with growing concern.  Something was going terribly wrong.

Interest rates kept going down, money was pouring into our financial system from the Middle East, money seemed to be falling from the sky and Americans were gobbling it up at a record pace.  Housing appraisals were sky-rocketing, equity lines of credit flowed faster than the Colorado river and credit was the new American Idol.

I remember the day I was sitting in a meeting at work discussing new home sales from over the weekend.  A single mother with 4 kids, working at a McDonald's, was trying to purchase a $700,000 house.  None of the banks approved the purchase... and then she got 100% financing from HUD.

As soon as the meeting concluded, I called my husband; "The economy is going to crash hard ~ and soon."  Those were my exact words.  We spent the next few months paying off debt and stashing money.  By 2007, America was in a full recession... and Americans were being lied to about it.

By 2008, the government continued to lower rates and began discussing "bail outs".  In 7 years, I went from having confidence America was just fine to "we the people" are in serious trouble.

Every empire falls and they fall for one reason; financial collapse.  The very country that I loved was repeating history right before my eyes.

Bailouts, more talk of bailouts, more money being printed... the tab and financial burden growing minute by minute.

And then the election.

Now I find myself on the front line of one of the most important wars in America's history.  The basic principles of God-Family-Country were threatened by genocide.

Yes; genocide.  The more I pay attention, the more I realize this mess isn't an accident.  There were people in place on 9/11 who were more than ready to take advantage of the vulnerability that had swept the nation on that day.  Plans were put in motion to "help"; plans that had already been written up and stored... waiting for the perfect storm.

The progressives are in power.  Do you know what "progressives" really are?  They're socialists.

As a wife and mother, I cannot remain idle.  I cannot remain silent.  I will not throw up my hands in defeat.  I will defend this country with all the heart and passion that I defend my faith and my family.

They want a war?  They've got one.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Let me start off by saying that a) I went to a few Tea Parties, homemade signs in hand, b) I watch Glenn Beck and c) I took my daughters to see Sarah Palin in 2008.

Don't be frightened.

I know that that makes me a dangerous right-wing nutjob, but truly, I'm relatively harmless. 

Until election day, that is.

For a long time, I was asleep, having a vague idea of what was going on in the world outside my door.  I was working or raising my kids, and, as long as things didn't get too outrageous, I rarely followed politics.  I  wasn't happy with certain policies of Bush and Clinton, but they also both did things I approved of.  The elections and re-elections of those two were tepid affairs; all of the candidates were shades of the others, barely distinguishable. 

But the 2008 election woke me up.  The radical nature and murky, undisclosed past of Barack Obama triggered something in me.  I love to research stuff of the web - knowledge is power.  I researched Joe Biden (who actually was my father's attorney for his divorce!), John McCain, Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.   There was so much unanswered about Obama, so many questionable associations.  The more I saw, the more concerned I became. 

I was reminded of an old adage - 'show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are'.

I did not like the picture I was getting of Obama.  Yes, he is a phenominal speaker.  He has the cadence of a preacher, but toned down to a subtle rhythm.  Very effective.  But I was listening to what he was saying, and hearing the double talk.  He was remarkably successful at fooling most of the people who were desperate for change, no matter how vague and amorphous it was. 

But I was wide awake and not buying it.

All I could see was all of the new entitlements and redistribution of wealth he was promising and the marxist/socialist associations and positions .  I, being a mother, was looking far down the road, trying to see what effect his agenda was going to have on my children's future.  I was not encouraged.  Even during a time of economic stability, implementing his full agenda in the timeframe he was talking about would have been untenable. 

Economic downturn or not, he has gone full-steam ahead on his lofty agenda.  He has his place in history to assure, apparently.  It doesn't matter that my future grandchildren are going to have to pay for it.  The people he has been putting into offices specifically created to undermine or circumvent the system of checks and balances are working on forwarding the progressive agenda - one I was disagreeing with the more I learned about it.

Eventually I was finding myself talking to the news anchors on tv.  I knew I needed a release, so I turned to blogging.  The catharsis of getting it out there, releasing that apprehension and concern out into the blogosphere helped.  But it wasn't enough.

I still felt isolated and cut off.  During the campaign, speaking up was not allowed, and people who did were branded as 'lunatic fringe'.  Or racist.  So speech was squelched, dissent was hidden.  After the election, the excuse of 'he's only been in office for (x) months - give him a chance!' kept things to a slow simmer.  People were beginning to grumble and assemble, though.  Numbers accumulated.  Parties were held. 

I realized how many people felt the way I did.  I spoke to moms at the Tea Parties and the Palin Rally, and suddenly felt...empowered.  I wasn't alone. 

But those parties are few and far between.  The feeling of strength in numbers faded, and the helpless solitude crept back in. 

But then Glenn Beck invited a bunch of moms onto his show, and I realized I wasn't alone.  A woman told of reassuring a friend who felt hopeless and ineffective that she wasn't alone - she was a member of the Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots.  That struck a cord in me. 

And so I bought the domain name and asked a friend (and future contributor) to help me set up the site (Thanks so much, Lisa - you rock!). 

I wanted to make a forum for like-minded moms.  Posts on this site are going to be written from a mother's perspective; how policy, legislation and other actions will effect our families now and in the future. 

Our voices must be heard, for the sake of our children.

This insane agenda of tax, spend, borrow and bailout must be stopped.

We are many, we are strong, we are determined and we can be influential.  We drive the economy, we vote, we educate our children, we influence our men.  We are strong, intelligent, and patriotic, and we don't back down from a fight - we are American women

Divisiveness is tearing this country apart.  It is time to stand together.  We are fighting for the future of our children and grandchildren. 

I look forward to this new adventure and hope that a community sprouts from this; women relying on other women, giving each other strength and a sense of shared purpose.- a true sisterhood. 

So welcome to the Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots.  I hope you join us and raise your voice for freedom and the future.  I and my fellow contributors look forward to keeping you informed and hearing your voice in return.

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ~Marion C. Garretty, quoted in A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul


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