Friday, November 27, 2009


For over a decade now, the Anthropogenic Global Warming proponents have been saying the science is settled and the consensus is in their favor.  Skeptics have been marginalized, ridiculed and mocked.  Our children are being indoctrinated into the cult of global warming with or without our consent (although sometimes their plans fail), and their level of anxiety about the apocalyptic scenarios AGW alarmists are force feeding them has reached epidemic proportions.

The ClimateGate scandal (or WarmerGate, as Mark Steyn calls it) is a scam of global proportions.  Trillions of taxpayer dollars are at stake, as well as the sovreignty of our country.

The Copenhagen summit is not just about addressing climate change.  It is about setting up a global government, to which all participating countries would bow.  This would not just give the UN governing body jurisdiction over each nation's climate regulations, but also their financial, economic and tax regulations.  Our laws would be second to the global government, who could override them at their discretion.  And who would be electing this global government?  Not we the people, that's for sure.  Most likely UN diplomats would choose amongst themselves.  How would we get rid of questionable appointees?  Good question.  It seems like we'd just have to grin and bear it, much like we do with the idiots currently in the UN.

The plans proposed in the Copenhagen treaty will have a profound impact on our and our children's lives.  Taxes will skyrocket, the revenues of which will go to the UN council in charge of climate to disperse at their own discretion.  This is redistribution of wealth on a global scale

Based on a science that is, at best, compromised - at worst, a complete fraud.

The scientists responsible for the fraud should be jailed.  This scheme makes Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme look like small potatoes. 

Supporters of AGW say that the science is still sound; that the misconduct of a few scientists doesn't negate the whole field.  The problem is, the collusion isn't limited to just the CRU.  The emails show scientists from Penn State, Amherst, the University of Arizona and the U.S.'s National  Center for Atmospheric Research, to name a few, were in on the scam and were actively changing data to support their theories. 

AGW supporters will then point to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - the gold standard of AGW rhetoric.  The problem is, they got almost all of their information from East Anglia's
CRU.  Scientists who did independent study are also suspect, simply because they got their initial baseline data from CRU - data that the emails prove is fatally flawed. 

The original, untampered data has been deleted, so starting from scratch is going to be difficult, at best.

The neo-pravda media in the US is making excuses, of course, and trying to make the hacking the big scandal, not the material that has been hacked - when they are bothering to cover the story at all, that is.

We must rise up and demand answers.  Sen. Inhofe R-OK is demanding a hearing into the scandal, and has even taken the step to notify implicated parties that there will be no information deleting until the hearings end.

This issue is of vital importance to families around the world.  We must demand answers, transparency and a halt to any and all proposed legislation until the situation has been sorted out. 

Our children's futures depend on it.



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