Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I'm Here

For me, the red flags went up and the warning bells began long before the 2008 election.

There have been those basic principles (some learned the hard way) that served as a foundation for me; God, family and country.  I always knew that defending the faith would be a constant battle.  I knew that defending my family would become increasingly more difficult as the attacks against marriage and family escalated.

But my country?  America was strong.  America was safe.  I didn't have to worry about defending the America I knew and loved.  At least that is how I felt on September 10th, 2001.

9/11 was just the beginning, however.  9/11 began a domino effect... and I watched with growing concern.  Something was going terribly wrong.

Interest rates kept going down, money was pouring into our financial system from the Middle East, money seemed to be falling from the sky and Americans were gobbling it up at a record pace.  Housing appraisals were sky-rocketing, equity lines of credit flowed faster than the Colorado river and credit was the new American Idol.

I remember the day I was sitting in a meeting at work discussing new home sales from over the weekend.  A single mother with 4 kids, working at a McDonald's, was trying to purchase a $700,000 house.  None of the banks approved the purchase... and then she got 100% financing from HUD.

As soon as the meeting concluded, I called my husband; "The economy is going to crash hard ~ and soon."  Those were my exact words.  We spent the next few months paying off debt and stashing money.  By 2007, America was in a full recession... and Americans were being lied to about it.

By 2008, the government continued to lower rates and began discussing "bail outs".  In 7 years, I went from having confidence America was just fine to "we the people" are in serious trouble.

Every empire falls and they fall for one reason; financial collapse.  The very country that I loved was repeating history right before my eyes.

Bailouts, more talk of bailouts, more money being printed... the tab and financial burden growing minute by minute.

And then the election.

Now I find myself on the front line of one of the most important wars in America's history.  The basic principles of God-Family-Country were threatened by genocide.

Yes; genocide.  The more I pay attention, the more I realize this mess isn't an accident.  There were people in place on 9/11 who were more than ready to take advantage of the vulnerability that had swept the nation on that day.  Plans were put in motion to "help"; plans that had already been written up and stored... waiting for the perfect storm.

The progressives are in power.  Do you know what "progressives" really are?  They're socialists.

As a wife and mother, I cannot remain idle.  I cannot remain silent.  I will not throw up my hands in defeat.  I will defend this country with all the heart and passion that I defend my faith and my family.

They want a war?  They've got one.



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