Friday, March 5, 2010


Our entitlement generation are at it again.  Yesterday, there were dozens of campus protests across the country.  So what were our college students protesting?  The wars?  The economy?  A sudden epiphany about the fraud that is Global Warming?  Nope.

They were protesting the increased tuition at state universities - basically, they were demanding their right to cheaper higher education.  Their tuition is rising and their class options are falling due to cutbacks, and this makes them very unhappy.    After all, higher education is a right, isn't it?

It's too bad their $80,000 educations don't include lessons in civics and common sense.  If it did, they would realize that higher education is not a right, it is a privilege.  And if they had a shred of common sense, they would realize that the unsustainable social programs they and their ilk have demanded for decades are the main cause for their troubles today.

It's a remarkable irony, isn't it, that they are paying the price for the unsustainable demands of social engineering that they and those who have come before them have been advocating for since the 1960's?

Be careful what you wish for, kids!

The protests were encouraged and promoted by a plethora of lefty groups, most notably SDS - Students for a Democratic Society.  It should be called SSS - Students for a Socialized Society, but you know those socialists - they really think 'socialism' and 'democracy' are one and the same.

The sense of entitlement that sends these kids into the streets to protest for their right to demand that other people subsidize their opportunity for higher education (which will enable them to get much better paying jobs, which is also, apparently, a right) is the same sense of entitlement that propels them to demand a socialist takeover of our government. 

On a sidebar, I often wonder what these little putzes think, once they get that high paying job that is, apparently, also their right, of the insane taxes they are forced to pay once they become the rich and privileged class.  Oh, that's right, they pay their accountants to hide their assets and make sure they are paying the bare minimum.  Social justice, indeed.

The end result isn't the socialist utopia they were promised, unfortunately.  What they are getting instead is the collapse of the system that enabled their privileged upbringing.  Hey kids - that collapse is what you have been advocating for.  You know, "fundamentally transforming America"?  Hmmm...the reality sure isn't what you thought it would be, huh?

There is another irony to this story.  The hikes in tuition will cause a decrease in attendance.  This, in turn, will eventually cause a drop in tuition to encourage more enrollees.

That's called supply and demand.  It's a free market principle - something our college students desperately need to learn about. 

Looks to me like class is already in session on that.  Now let's see how many of our little socialists-in-training learn the lesson.



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