Monday, February 22, 2010

OBAMACARE 3.0 Updated

Our illustrious President has come out with his version of a health care compromise bill.  I'm not really sure where the compromises are, since the republicans weren't involved in it's creation, but whatever.  I guess the compromise will come on Thursday, when the republicans are expected to accept his offering without question.

Someone needs to get the democrats a dictionary, because they just don't understand what 'compromise' means (Among other things, like 'consensus', 'transparency', and 'fiscal restraint').

The President assures us that this new behemoth, which includes all of the unsavory little tidbits of the Senate bill - including abortion funding, plus a few from the House version - including a public option, will come in under $1 trillion.  Better yet, it will 'save' $100 billion over 10 years. 

The word 'tax' is used 35 times.  I'm sure in a good way, though.

 And what does the Congressional Budget Office say?

Nothing.  They can't score this mess because, as usual, it is light on facts and concrete numbers.  So where did the numbers the White House is touting come from?  My guess would be where all the other fuzzy numbers this administration has attempted to foist on us came from  - Obama's nether regions.

Yet again the Chicago Mafia are threatening reconciliation.  I have to say that this is really getting boring.  If you're going to do it, just do it already.  Otherwise, shut up about that silly, empty, career-ending threat.

BTW - What ever happened to the 'hard pivot' to jobs and the economy?  Did I miss it?  Or are they sticking to that lame meme that fixing the health care system will fix the economy?  If so, um, how, exactly?  Just wondering....

Now they are floating the possibility that the Meddler-in-Chief will use an Executive Order to regulate and control insurance rates.  Goody.  Nothing like a bunch of career politicians deciding fair market prices for an entire industry - that always works out great, right?

This new ObamaCare proposal is a joke, but at least it is a joke that we can finally pin directly on Obama.  Thursday's summit is a joke, too, and an exercise in futility to boot.  Reconciliation is a joke - if they could have done it, believe you me, they would have by now.   And Obama attempting to regulate the insurance industry through executive order is a joke.

Hmmm.  That's an awful lot of jokes - so why am I not laughing?  Are you?

UPDATE:  So, once Obama turns our health care system into Canada's, where will the Canadians go?



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