Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our Spendtrift-in-Chief is hitting the campaign trail again.  This time he's trying to sell us on his non-stimulating stimulus bill.  Today is the first anniversary of the signing of the bill. 


The President and VP are out talking up how great the stimulus has been working, how incredibly successful it has been so far.  There is a full media blitz going on this week (yes, a whole week) to tout the thousands, no, millions, no...wait...gazillions of jobs created by the Porkulus from Hell.

Um, I would think that if it was so successful you wouldn't have to sell it so hard.  Or do you really think I'm so stupid that I couldn't figure out whether or not it was successful?

Well, let's see....9.7% unemployment.  17.5% "real" unemployment.  More than 8 million Americans out of work.  Debt ceiling raised to 14.3 trillion.  Hmmm...smells like failure to me. 

But at least Obama assured us that there wasn't any pork at all, just job creating, targeted spending..

Oh, good.  whew.  It's not like $4.7 million is being spent on research into supersonic corporate jets or anything.  Even though poverty-ridden Lockheed Martin needs all the help they can get, poor babies.

They certainly wouldn't waste $2.2 million of our money on something like piping water to a golf course in California.  Especially if if was probably going to be closed down soon over concerns for the San Francisco garter snake and the California red-legged frog.  I mean, it's not like the pipeline would be better used in the Central Valley or anything.

And believe you me, they would never, and I mean never blow $117 million on 'green' renovations to an IRS building that was slated to be closed.

It seems to me the only people really being stimuled in this mess are the Buffalo residents who are being paid to keep diaries of their malt liquor/marijuana intake and the female college students who are having their dunken sexcapades chronicled in the name of science.

I went to my first Tea Party right around this time last year - specifically to protest this bloated, corrupt, waste of taxpayer money.  All of the reasons I protested then still hold true today.  It is not targeted, it is not timely (a year later and still only $200 billion of the original $787 billion has been spent), and it is NOT successful, no matter how The One tries to spin it.

They have to sell it, though, because they want  to hit us up for round two. 

Oh goody.  As Chris Dodd says, the stimulus isn't

"as targeted as it should've been" and "we need to go back to this and do this again. We need to do more of that."

Way to sell it, Chris - the last one was a mess, so let's make sure to do it again!



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