Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Am I the only one having a hard time buying the concept of Barack Obama inviting Republicans for a "bipartisan" "summit", when the run-up to it has been nothing by threats of 'nuclear options', intimidation and name calling? (BTW - am I the only one who gets a faint whiff of a beery aftertaste whenever I hear the term 'summit' anymore?)

This whole media circus is rather reminiscent of, well, a circus. In the Roman tradition of Bread and Circus, of course - and boy, is there a lot of bread at stake over this circus.

Thursday's show is shaping up to be a real crowd favorite - Christians vs. Lions. The Lions are starving so they will grab at anything, and they have been poked at for weeks by the public, so they are really out for blood. The Christians are wary, but have managed to smuggle in a few weapons due to the Emperor's remarkably unobservant watchdogs.

The crowd has been whipped up into a frenzy by the aggressive posturing and antics of the Lions. The Lions have already managed to scored a few victories over the Christians with their conquests of Omnibus Maximum and Stimulus Minimum. These 'victories', however, have only caused the Christians to become more set in their resolve against the gluttonous Lions.

The Lions constant roaring about the Christians being unarmed but for their cries of 'No!" has distracted them and allowed the Christians to arm themselves with a few weapons of their own. The Lions are aware of these weapons, but feel that their constant loud roaring is enough to combat that particular threat.

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow, the Lions and the Christians face off, and it is ostensibly up to the crowd to decide - thumbs up, or thumbs down.

Not that it really matters what the crowd wants. The Lions have the keys to the dungeon and, regardless of tomorrow's outcome, have repeatedly threatened to lock the Christians out so they can continue to run amok. Perhaps they assume that their new $15 billion infusion of bread will calm any ruffled feathers in the crowd and pave their way to a new season of Circuses next year.

A word to the wise on this tactic of Bread and Circuses - even they could not keep the mighty Roman empire from crumbling under the weight of it's own excesses. Appeasing the crowds with a glut of meaningless showmanship will only go so far. As they distract themselves with spectacle, the Barbarians are at the gate, and they will not be distracted. The Lions, in their arrogance, fear not these Barbarians, for they do not carry torches and pitchforks - they merely carry tea and voter registration cards.

The Lions would be wise to sheathe their claws, stifle their roars and focus on the Barbarians as the Christians seem to be doing. That is the pathway to redemption and success, and it cannot be reached through the Circus Maximus, no matter how 'media savvy' it may be.

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