Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sarah Palin has the left in a tizzy again.  She wrote bullet points on her hand to remind herself of the important points she wanted to hit for her speech to the Tea Party Nation.  The left, from the White House on down, are in absolute freak-out mode.  Apparently her crib notes are yet more proof of what a complete idiot she is. 

If she's an idiot for having to write down her bullet points so she doesn't forget to hit them all, what does that make Barack Obama?  The man can't string two sentences together without a teleprompter!  What's worse is that he uses them not just for major speeches, but also for basic press conferences.  It is such an issue that the White House has considered installing computer screens in the podiums he uses so that it would make it easier for his puppet masters communications specialists to pass information to him in a less obvious fashion.  And God forbid the teleprompter go out - he's completely lost without it.  But Sarah's five little points are a major scandal.  Riiiight.

In their usual snarky way, the White House illustrated their idea of bipartisanship and the new era of civility they want to usher in to Washington.  At his daily press briefing, WH spokesman Robert Gibbs sank to a new low.  He wrote a 'grocery list' on his hand to poke fun at Palin.    Too bad she had already beaten him to it with her 'Hi Mom' joke over the weekend. 

What Gibbs did was petty and small - par for the course for this administration.  But beyond that, it was actually a really stupid move on his part  (also par for the course).  His list included milk, eggs and bread. Now, there are those who say it was sexist of him, insinuating Palin should stay in the kitchen and leave politics to the big boys - I think that's reading too much into it.

No, the real gaffe was when he added 'hope' and 'change' to the list.  Big oopsie there, Gibbsy.  See, adding hope and change to the list is actually an insult to the people who voted for you guys.  First, you have now clearly illustrated that it was just a gimmick, and second, those words of inspiration mean so little to you that you find it funny to joke about them.  I'm sure all of those disillusioned Obama voters are just thrilled with your flippant disregard for them.  Nice job.

Let's not forget, too, that this was not a spur of the moment thing; it was most definitely premeditated.  Gibbs thought it out prior to the presser and was gleefully ready to make his little jab when the right moment presented itself.  Should have thought about it a little longer there, Gibbsy.  Especially since just a few days earlier your boss was pushing for civility and tolerance.

Yet again, in their desperation to show what an idiot Palin is, they manage to show their own asses.


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