Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This weekend a naturalized American from Pakistan attempted to car bomb Times Square.  Faisal Shahzad parked a Nissan Pathfinder, turned on the flashers, set the timer on the bomb and fled the scene.  Thankfully his terror training in Pakistan did not teach him that some fertilizers don't explode, and the bomb smoked and popped, but didn't detonate. 

Lance Orton, a t-shirt vender in Times Square noticed the smoke and called the police.  The man is a hero and saved countless lives.  Thank you, Mr. Orton, for seeing something and saying something.  It's a lesson more New Yorkers could stand to learn.

Yet again we have dodged a bullet. 

Thank God.

This has been a very active year for our radical enemies.  So far they have only had one success, but they are certainly trying hard to change that.   The question is, why so many attempts recently?

Could it be the new stance our government has taken towards our enemies?  Perhaps they have taken President Obama's measure and found him to be more like Bill Clinton than George W. Bush.   Clinton was very much a "paper tiger", but Bush, on the other hand, was a tiger with teeth.  They must see Obama, with his bowing, scraping, apologies and payoffs as not just a paper tiger, but a paper tiger cub, naive to the ways of the real world. 

When you consider that, in the past year and a half, there have been four major terror plots against us, you get a clearer picture of what might be coming down the pike.  One plot succeeded, one never got off the ground, and two were failures only because of faulty equipment

The Obama administration's foreign policies are giving the appearance of weakness to our enemies.  His theory of appeasement = peace is fatally flawed.  The left think that Bush's policy of carrying a big stick is what caused 9/11, in combination with the hatred of America that exists in some parts of the world.  This, too, is a fatally flawed idea. 

9/11 was the result of perceived American weakness, not an over abundance of strength.

What the left is missing is the mindset of these jihadis.  We Americans are blessed to have, for the most part, quiet, peaceful lives with very little real violence in them.  Middle Eastern peoples, however, are raised in sometimes brutal conditions.  Until the US invasion, Iraq was a terrifying place, where lives were on the line on a daily basis.  Where we look to our government for safety and protection, Iraqis and other Middle Eastern peoples feared their government.  Death, even violent death, is a part of daily life.  Those who are weak are subjugated or destroyed; those who are strong survive.

This is a question of ideology, not social justice.

The left are trying to create a new victim group that they can practice their social justice magic on.  The new narrative involves painting these poor victims as desperate, destitute and delusional.  The media are frantically grasping at straws to forward this narrative for their lefty taskmasters, and are proved wrong in their postulations over and over again.

They are supposedly desperate because  they 'have no future'.  Let's not forget that the elitists in our government equate a university degree with a bright future.  Many common people in Middle Eastern countries don't even have a high school education, let alone college.  Here's a clue, guys - it's not the lack of education so much as it is the opression that keeps them from realizing their dreams. And much of that opression comes directly from the ruling class, including the religious leaders (often the same thing).

Destitution was a favored theme for a while there, until Abdulmutallab burst onto the scene (or should I say 'fizzled').  Even so, although he was the wealthiest terrorist to date, the others were hardly poverty stricken.  They were kept well by their radical patrons or held good jobs, but some lived austere lives in observance of their religion. Others, like Shahzad, were living the American dream.  There is no set pattern here, and there has never been a clear link to economic destitution.

The attempt to paint terrorists as delusional has never been more apparent than in the case of Malik Hasan. "Secondary Trauma", Time Magazine?  Really?  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is now contagious, apparently.  CNN's take of "Calm, cool and religious" seems closer to the truth, but even they bring forward a lame sort of "he was being bullied" defense.  If he was so upset with the military as long ago as 2001, why didn't he get out?  Probably because he was more of an asset to his radical brethren on the inside.

The media are desperate for a violent crime to pin on conservatives - especially the Tea Party - and their disappointment is becoming palpable.  Mayor Bloomberg illustrates this point beautifully in his interview with Katie Couric:

“A home-grown?” she asked, to which Bloomberg responded, “Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”
Although he was just spitballing, that sort of armchair quarterbacking does no one any good, and opens the door to more misguided accusations.  It's interesting that his first thoughts on who might have done this would be an American with a grudge against ObamaCare.  It's possibly due to early reports of a balding white man taking off his sweater on video - which might have been a ruse to make Shahzad think they were on to someone else.  The fact that there has been no violence from the Tea Party means nothing; nor does the numerous cases of islamic violence - those were just isolated incidents, right?

The fact that almost every act of terror perpetrated on this country, with the exception of the loon who flew his plane into the IRS building (yes, that guy was delusional - read his writings and you'll agree),  was executed by an islamic radical is apparently something that really bothers the media.  Why can't those silly islamists play along and support the narrative?  It's just so darned frustrating!  One might even say it was cringeworthy.

It's not desperation, destitution, or derangement; nor is it based on race, position or nationality.  It's about IDEOLOGY. 

These radicals believe that what they are doing is holy and right.  They take the most violent parts of the Koran and chose to live their lives by them.  The left's belief that Islam is a religion of peace, like Buddhism, is untrue.  There is as much about war as peace in that book, make no mistake.  A majority of Muslims pursue the path of peace. but a sizeable group choose only the warlike elements to follow.  They are our enemies, because they will not stop their campaign of terror until we are all either muslim or dead.

When the left, and expecially the current administration, finally understand that fact, then perhaps we might have a fighting chance.  Until then, we are sitting ducks, because our esteemed leaders think money and maybe some pharmaceuticals should do the trick.

God help us all.



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