Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, Patriots, our first official ballot box victory has been entered into the books.  Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-W-VA) has lost his primary.  Yup, the guy couldn't even get out of the gate.  Good job, W. Virginia voters!  All other Democrat defeats were lost in special elections.  This is the first primary loss for the November regular elections. With any luck, Benedict Arlen Specter will be next to suffer a primary defeat. 

Mollohan was defeated by state Sen. Mike Oliverio, who campaigned against Mollohan's Obamacare vote and some ethics questions that still hang over Mollohan's head from 2006.  An investigation was opened due to rapidly increasing wealth and questionable non-profits he was creating and funneling money to.   He stepped down from a few committees, but no findings were ever released.  Of course not - Nancy Pelosi took over and buried it.  Can't risk losing a seat, can we, Nan?  Mollohan views it as a victory, naturally. 

What do you think the odds are that this will finally wake the democrats up to what is happening?  MSNBC is already trying to blame Mollohan for running a bad campaign.  That's right, guys, you keep telling yourselves it is just a poorly run campaign:

Mollohan was first elected in 1982. He ran a relatively lethargic campaign until recent weeks, when he began airing TV ads calling Oliverio dangerously conservative and bad for business and labor.

Let's see, he's a 28 year incumbent, had the hubris to think that he didn't need to participate in something as lowly as a primary, probably didn't kick it into gear until after his numbers started to plummit, never bothered to explain his positions or views and went instead directly to the smear campaign.  Not to mention that right now, "dangerously conservative" just doesn't seem all that scary.  Actually...has it ever?  And, for the coup de gras, he invoked "labor".  Too bad he doesn't realize that only place unions seem welcome these days is in the halls of Congress.  Maybe you should have come home for your last few recesses, Congressman, and listened instead of lectured.

Perhaps this will finally get the message through that even fellow democrats are ticked off.  One wonders how many of those Tea Party democrats are behind this.  More than Mollohan and Congressional Dems expected, no doubt.

One corruptocrat down, forty or so to go!



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