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Over the past decade or so, the far left have managed to create a climate of hate and disdain for America. It's one thing to bash a president or member of Congress - it's nothing new, really. Taken in present-day context, is it any wonder that the creator of the Democrat party, Thomas Jefferson (a slave owner, btw) hired a "hatchet man" to slander opponent John Adams and "steal" the election?   And how did he do it?  Called him a bunch of names and accused him of wanting to go to war with France.  Amazing how the tactics haven't changed in 210 years, isn't it?  But I digress.  Somewhere along the way, the hyperbole mutated and it became fashionable to hate the country, too. 

It's safe to say that a lot of this mindset has germinated in the fertile minds of our teenagers and young adults - planted there by their elitist, European-wannabe teachers and college professors.  The media has also had a hand in this, as has the Hollywood propaganda machine.  It is well known that conservatives in Hollywood have to keep their views quiet if they want to work. 

It is, quite frankly, nothing short of a miracle that pro-capitalist, anti-government characters like Ironman's Tony Stark are permitted to be portrayed anymore.  Even Captain America is emigrating to LondonGood riddance.  To be fair, since most of the movie revolves around WWII, the Captain America shoot in Europe makes some sense, but the kicker is that they made the final decision to do the filming there because of England's favorable tax incentives.  Hard to believe that just a few decades ago, we had a "British Invasion" of artists coming to the US to escape high European taxation....

Those who love their country have been forced underground.  Hollywood's liberal elites and their blackballing of conservatives is by far the worst case, but elsewhere in the country people look down their noses at those who are unabashedly proud of their country.  One such person is actress Gwyneth Paltrow (via TownHall):

"At the moment there's a weird, over-patriotic atmosphere over there, like, 'We're number one and the rest of the world doesn't matter."

Yes darling, it's called patriotism.  Just as the English love England, the French love France, the Swedes love Sweden, and on and on.  Generally, those who don't like the country of their birth are free to leave at any time, as Ms. Paltrow has so graciously done.  Apparently her disdain for America and it's citizens doesn't keep her from taking the money they spend on her movies.  Hopefully she is paid in euros so she doesn't have to see all that awful patriotic symbolism on our greenbacks, which would no doubt be quite upsetting for her. 

It is just amazing to me that those who love this country have to hide it, for fear of retribution.  "Coming out" as a patriot seems to be as shocking and culturally unacceptable these days as coming out as a gay person was twenty years ago.  Back then, coming out gay meant you were slandered as a freak or "unnatural", and there have unfortunately been some instances of hate crimes.  Coming out as a patriot means you are a danger to society and not in your right mind, and there are also, unfortunately, instances of hate crimes.  Just ask Kenneth Gladney.  What really gets me is those who think patriots are treasonous or seditious

There is a beautiful song called "American Heart" that has become the unofficial anthem of the Tea Parties:

The song's writer and singer, Jon David, had to hide his identity (Johnathan Kahn) because he also happens to be a Hollywood screenwriter/director.  He finally came out of the closet and declared himself a conservative.  Good for you, Mr. Kahn.  Hopefully he will still be able to find employment in Hollywood after this. 

Ah, Hollywood - the hypocritical center of the liberal universe.

Only in Hollywood can they rail against the blackballing and "political witch-hunts" of the 1950's while simultaniously seeing nothing wrong with blackballing conservatives today.  But then, they are also one of the largest, most vocal anti-capitalism groups in the country, while simultaniously making obscene money in their purely capitalist endeavours.  And let's not forget their love of corporation bashing - good thing they don't use corporate tie-ins, product placement or sell merchandise related to their movies. 

And so Mr. Kahn's career is in jeopardy now because he dared to speak his mind and support his country.  You might say he's suffering under Hollywood's own "don't ask, don't tell" policy.  Since the liberals seem so fond of boycotting these days, perhaps it's time to remind Hollywood that they are really capitalists at heart and that punishing others for exercising their rights to free speech and bashing the country and people who have made them rich and famous can have repercussions. 

Since summer is the movie industry's biggest moneymaking season, it's time to boycott Hollywood.  Not just the movies, but the merchandise and DVD sales too.  Instead of having to take out a second mortgage to plunk down a ridiculous amount of money for tickets, popcorn, drinks and candy, bypass the theater this summer.  Dust off some pre-merchandising, pre-product placement classics like "George Washington Slept Here", "The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer", "The Wizard of Oz", "The Long, Long Trailer", or even "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and introduce your kids to the golden age of Hollywood.  Those are all great American movies, made at a time when being American was a point of pride, and Hollywood was actually a patriotic place.

It's no accident that the "Golden Age of Hollywood" ended when the liberal counter-culture took root. 

Those classic movies have no explicit sex scenes, cursing or humor that would make you or your kids blush, and because they didn't use those cheap devices; they had to rely on good storylines to make a hit.   It sure beats the rehashed dreck Hollywood is passing off as entertainment these days.  More importantly, though, the image of America that Hollywood projected then was unabashedly patriotic, because those in Hollywood back then understood how lucky they were.  Not just to be in movies, but to be in America, the land of opportunity. 

So join Mr. Kahn and come on out of the closet.  Be loud, be proud, and make 'em get used to it.  And please try to support those artists who are brave enough to buck the system.  With any luck, it will encourage more to do the same, and we'll have a counter-counter-cultural revolution!



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