Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tomorrow must be a day ending in -y, because the White House is holding another summit.  This time it's for Joe Biden's favorite three letter word - jobs.

Interesting that they aren't inviting the Chamber of Commerce to the summit, though.  One would imagine it might be a good idea to give a seat at the table to the group that represents small business.  You know - the creators of  64% of all jobs in the country?

But instead, in their now typical fashion, they are mad at the Chamber and are refusing to talk to them.  'Cause they're totally mean and, like, totally dissed ObamaCare.  And that was, like, seriously uncool.  So the administration's not going to, like, talk to them until they apologize and junk.  You know?

So who is going?

Well, it's the usual lineup.  Unions, academics, and CEO's - many of them major donors, of course.  Pretty much the same crew who gave us the first stimulus bill. 

Really instills confidence, huh?  Here's hoping this is really only a glorified photo op to make it look like he is working hard at something for the 'working families' he keeps yammering about, much like some other summits this White House has indulged in.  God forbid we get Stimulus II out of it.

President Nero is just fiddling away, isn't he?



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