Thursday, May 19, 2011


Some residents in the path of the flooding Mississippi, facing certain loss of property, have taken matters into their own hands.  With true American ingenuity, these intrepid souls have built their own personal levees.  Be sure to visit the Daily Mail to see more pictures:

Some have even gone so far as covering the levees with plastic to ensure against erosion:

Where else but America do you see such creativity in the face of looming disaster?  Such determination in the face of overwhelming odds?  With a lot of hard work and a little luck, there's a chance these mini levees won't fail and at least a few homes will be saved.  Above all, hopefully opening the floodgates and inundating these areas will have the desired effect of saving the city centers so the loss in the rural areas wasn't in vain.

The south has been through so much this spring - wildfires in Texas, the second deadliest tornado outbreak in US history, and now the slow, relentlessly creeping onslaught of water from the mighty Mississippi.  If you can, please give to the American Red Cross.  For Florida and Georgia residents, you can add your donation to your grocery bill at your local Publix; all donations go to the Red Cross. 



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