Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've been singing the chorus to this all day.  Here's the picture of the day:

The votes are in.  Speaker Boehner won his spot with a unanimous republican vote.   Former Speaker Pelosi?  Eh, not so much.  The interesting part about the 19 who voted for just about anyone but Pelosi is that many of them are truly an endangered species - conservative democrats.  So the question is, if they are angry enough to publicly refute her via a roll call vote, are they angry enough to work with republicans to reverse her job killing, government expanding, budget busting agenda? 
Perhaps they just simply have no confidence in her anymore, which wouldn't be surprising after the shellacking they took in November.  Add in her utterly delusional take on her term of office yesterday, and it really just isn't surprising at all.  Deficit reduction has been their mantra, indeed.   Perhaps she sensed that the country needed a good laugh after her reign of terror tenure - intended or not, it was hilarious.  If spending $5 trillion in four years is fiscal responsibility, I'll eat my hat.  Thanks, Queen Nan, for reminding us why we dethroned you. 

Here's hoping the 112th Congress is a damn sight better than the 111th.  Luckily, Pelosi's set the bar pretty low.

Congrats, Speaker Boehner. 

Now don't screw it up.  We're watching.



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