Monday, November 1, 2010


One more day to go.  Tomorrow the die is cast, and a decision will be made on which direction the majority of Americans want to head.  Do we continue with the tax and spend social justice of the progressives, or a return to the small government, free market principles our founders envisioned.   It has been an exhausting, vicious, hard-fought election, with a lot of mud-slinging, accusations and vitriol.

The most egregious harm done in this election cycle, though, is the inability of our states to get absentee ballots to our military serving overseas in time for them to be returned and counted.  Those brave men and women who are fighting and dying for this country, of all people, should be the ones whose votes are counted first and foremost, and yet every election cycle is filled with reports of the military being denied the ability to cast a vote.  It got so bad that in 2009 Congress passed the MOVE act.  This is the first year the states need to comply, and the project seems to be off to a rocky start.  States are required to mail out ballots 45 days before the election.  Unfortunately, there are some states that are seriously late, giving their servicemembers less than 30 days to receive, fill out and return their ballots.  That's a pretty quick turnaround for a war zone.  

Michael Ramirez captures the issue perfectly, as usual:

(Unless, of course, he's originally from Chicago! Ba-dum-bum!)

Well, they weren't able to get the military their ballots, but at least they managed to hand deliver ballots to these worthy recipients.  After all, which group deserves to have their voice heard more?  Why, the one that is a reliable democrat vote, of course!  Whatever happened to those laws keeping felons from voting, anyway?  Oh.

No, there's nothing funny going on this election cycle...and if there is, don't worry, the SEIU is on the job!  Now that's reassuring!

If you should happen to notice something at the polls, be it intimidation or fraud, make a record of it.  The iphone has an app for that, but taking a picture or video with a regular phone or camera is good enough.  Report anything suspicious immediately to your local election board. 

Most importantly, get out there tomorrow and exercise your hard fought right to have your voice heard.  Happy Voting!



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