Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Helen Thomas retired from Hearst Newspapers yesterday, giving in to pressure about her radical remarks about Israel.  Rabbi Nesenoff captured her on video answering his question "Any comments on Israel?" by  espousing the view that the Jews needed to "get the hell out of Palenstine".  She said they needed to "go home".  When asked where "home" was, she responded Poland and Germany.  Good thing flashbacks of Nazi era atrocities don't come to mind when those two countries are mentioned  in conjunction with Jews.   That might be awkward.

The past few days have been a mad scramble by the press and many liberals to distance themselves from her and her comments.  There hasn't even been any real attempt at spin on this one, because she is on video spewing her reprehensible opinions.  Be prepared, however, for the liberal media to attempt to rehabilitate her image now that she has resigned.  Good luck with that.  Giving her a pass due to her advanced age isn't good enough.  If she's competent enough to be front row center at the White House briefing room, asking questions of not just the Press Secretary but the sitting president, she's competent enough to know what she's saying when questioned by a man on the street. 

She has officially apologized, but the sincerity is questionable.  Her claim that she "deeply regrets" her comments is a bit hard to swallow because she has always been pretty open in her support of Palestine. 

The clamor for Hearst to fire her was reaching a fever pitch on  the left and the right, and so she did the only thing she could to save face - resign.  No doubt she will be laying low for a while.  Apparently there is more video to come, and the rabbi who shot the film says it is even worse than the original comments.  The new video is supposed to be coming out in the next day or two.  

At the tender age of 89, Ms. Thomas' retirement is long overdue.  It's a shame she had to go this way, but it seems like it was just a matter of time, considering how happy she was to share her radical opinons. 

As for common American's views on the Israeli flotilla raids (the reason Rabbi Nesenoff asked Thomas about Israel in the first place), according to the polls, it seems the public is believing their lying eyes instead of the liberal media and the international community on this story.  The jury is still out on the episode, but it seems that Israel was in the right and was attacked first - the video seems to support that.  As for the legality of their actions, the Gaza ships were attempting to break the blockade.   Israel has the right to defend herself, and will continue to do so.   Blockades are not unusual and are not illegal, no matter how much the international community huffs and puffs about it.

As good as it is that Helen Thomas has retired, it is even better to know that the American people aren't being duped by people like her.

One wonders if that fact is more galling to her than having to retire. 



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