Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Nancy Pelosi must go.

She is a danger to this country - her tactics since becoming Speaker of the House are foul, underhanded, and quite possibly treasonous.  She is implementing her radical agenda against the protests of a majority of Americans.  Her response to the many outrages she has committed against them is to deride, ridicule, slander and patronize.

Her response to a reporter's question on whether she will allow C-Span to cover the health care negotiations that will be taking place in some back room under cover of darkness with no bipartisan consensus was to be expected. 

The woman actually laughed - laughed - when the reporter mentioned Obama's campaign promise to allow C-Span to broadcast the open, transparent, public-approved negotiations.  She made a blatant dig at Obama and his remarkable record of broken campaign promises by saying, "There are a number of things he was for during the campaign."

Silly Americans, she seemed to say, don't you know we will say anything to get elected?

My response?  Silly politician, don't you know we can fire you for your insolence?

Now, granted, the odds of Pelosi being voted out of office in San Francisco are about equal to the odds of, say, Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin being voted in to take her seat.   So she will always be a fixture in the House, like it or not. 

But we can join together and boot her out of the Speaker chair. 

Although President Obama is getting the most heat for the radical nature of the current administration's agenda, the real force behind it is Pelosi.  She is the one breaking arms and making deals - Harry Reid is dancing to her tune and following her lead in his efforts to further her agenda.  Not that Obama isn't culpable, mind you.  The fact that he is stepping back and allowing Pelosi and Reid free rein (all the while giving lip service to a 'new era of bipartisanship') is the main reason he is taking the heat for their actions.  A leader he is not, and that will come back to haunt him in 2012, if not sooner.

The hyperpartisanship that has become such a blatant feature of this Congress is entirely due to Pelosi.  It began in 2007 when she took over as Speaker, but, since the democrats won a supermajority and the White House, she has really gotten out of control. 

She seems to be drunk with power, and rightly so.  There is not a single person in a position of power even attempting to rein her in. 

Why?  Because her agenda is their agenda, but she can take the heat because the odds of her being voted out of office are slim to none (although, at least in my case, hope springs eternal).  I'm sure Harry Reid is wishing it was the same for him.

The damage she is doing to this country is inexcusable.  She must be removed from the Speaker position in November.  Conservatives must take control of the House.  It is the only hope this country has to get the train back on the tracks.

The great part about unseating her is that there is a good chance that people like Alan Grayson or, God willing, Barney Frank will be removed in that effort.  We need to act locally but think nationally (and believe me, as a constituent of Grayson's, I will be working overtime to make sure he is a one-termer).  For every Grayson or Frank removed brings us one step closer to prying that gavel out of her power grabbing fingers.

It's time to take a page from the 'Rules for Radicals' playbook the liberals have been following.  It's time to make Pelosi the figurehead of the democrat movement and invoke Rule #13.  It's time to pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.  Wouldn't it be sweet, sweet poetic justice to use her own tactics to neutralize her?

However it's done, though, Nancy's gotta go.



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